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Components and Patterns Grab-bag

NOTE: Those examples written before TDI 7 don't have custom Connections tabs & parameters. Instead you have to edit certain variables in the script itself to set these values.

No implied or explicit support responsibility for anything shared. It's all as-is. The only thing you have to agree to is to Copy-Paste it back to me if you extend or improve something. Only way to unleash the real power of TDI.

If you have an Attribute Map, component, script or AL to share, just right-click it and either paste it in a message to the newsgroup, or an email to me.


Patterns & Solutions

Config Reports

These are XSLT files that you can drop into the XSLT\ConfigReports sub-folder of your TDI installation directory. Then they will show up when you right-click in the Config Browser and select Config Reports. You will want to right-click any .xml or .xsl links and save these to the ConfigReports folder.


Red pill

-- EddieHartman - 4 Mar 2011

Experimental & currently in error - * CouchDBConnector.jar: A CouchDB Connector that also works with IBM Cloudant.