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Looking for TDI skills? Look no further.

If you are looking for new opportunities to put your TDI skills to good use, please use this page to make the community aware of it! Note that you can refer back to your tdi-users member page, as well as external links to resumes, VCards, etc.

-- EddieHartman - 28 Nov 2006


TDI consultant and trainer, LDAP and mail-system designer. Based near Heathrow in the UK. I take on jobs starting as small as a single day. See my own page for further details.


Avnet Inc ( www.avnet.com) , a Premier IBM Business Partner, Lead IBM Security Directory Integrator (SDI) Architect in Avnet (former Ascendant Technology) Services organization with over 10 years of SDI(TDI)-ing. Emphasis in data analytics, extensive data synchronization and normalization techniques. Strong math background, holding B.S. in Mathematics, University of Belgrade(Serbia) with Major in Probability and Statistics.


TDI consultant with over 5 years experience in designing and implementing solutions for large and small companies within the United States. I also specialize in data migration demonstrations, as well as reverse engineering existing TDI solutions for documentation or performance improvements. Please feel free to send an email if you have any needs for TDI work. Also experienced in ITIM, LDAP, WAS & TAM administration and implementation.


TDS and TDI consultant and zFlex Software owner/designer. I am based in the United States (Atlanta). I am open for short term and remote work doing migrations with TDI and TDS Installations and Setup.

See my own page for further details.