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Using ITDI with ITIM

The following information will aim to identify references of interest involving ITDI in conjunction with or in support of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager.

Using ITDI to provide HR Identify Feeds

Your first port of call should always be the information and examples provided with the product and Redbooks.


ITIM Adapter Development tool

Tivoli provide many ITIM adapters for operating systems and applications. Where no adapter exists the ITIM Adapter Development Tool (ADT) provides a development environment. ITDI plays a part in the creation of new adapters and the ADT will create the basic adapter frame work and stubbed assembly lines. You just need to add the logic to make the assembly lines run.

Sample ITDI Assembly lines for use with ITIM

ITDI is a great tool to create simple tools to aid and supplement ITIM administration task. ITIM has both LDAP and database data stores containing lots of useful data and ITDI has connectors for these resources ready for you to use now. For example why not query simple things like orphan accounts direct from the LDAP data store and get real time information not the stale data provided by the ITIM built in reporting tools which requires a time consuming data syncronization to move the data from LDAP to DB2 database tables.

ITIM Web Sites

How to Debug an Adapter AssemblyLine

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