Learning Assets for TDI 6

NOTE 1: Concepts apply for TDI 7 as well

NOTE 2: The specifics of Cloudscape/Derby drivers and JDBC URL settings have changed a bit with TDI 6.1 and 6.1.1. Also, video #5 below applies to 6.0. Although the concepts are the same, for more information on configuring Cloudscape for TDI 6.1 and 6.1.1, see this page on the System Store.

Below is a set of video tutorials along with example Config files and accompanying slides. These start off with basic concepts and each new exercise builds on the previous one. With some browsers, you may have to right-click on the video link and save it to disk in order to view the tutorial.

Exercise 01 Making your first AssemblyLine

Sorry about the unedited stream-of-consciousness version uploaded here previously. Thanks for your patience and perseverance. And feedback! -Eddie

Exercise 02 Digging deeper: How an AL works

Note that the JavaScript used to generate mail addresses in the CreateMailAddress AttMap component is in error. You should be using Java String .replaceAll(' ','.') instead of .replace(' ', '.'). That way all the spaces are replaced with dots instead of just the first one.

Exercise 03 Flow Control: Attribute map and branching

Exercise 04 Flow Control: Loops, Libraries and Inheritance

Exercise 05 System Store - Cloudscape

NOTE Slide 8 in the presentation (and shown in the video) is incorrectly entitled "Embedded mode" when this is clearly a diagram of Network mode operation.

Exercise 06 Using the 6.1x Debugger

Exercise 07 Expressions and Properties (external and otherwise)

Expression are explained here in the TDI documentation, including how to embed JavaScript in TDI Expressions. This is a powerful tool for dynamic configuration of components and AL behavior.

Exercise 08 Null Behavior (auto handling of missing/unwanted Attributes)

Exercise 09 Bi-directional Sync between AD and Domino

Domino 8 users get a right to download and use TDI for any and all Domino/Notes-related integration. In anticipation of the upcoming release, we have prepared a couple of videos: one that demos a bi-directional synchronization between Domino and AD, and another that shows you how to build this solution.

Note that this tutorial only covers provisioning of Domino Internet Users. If you want to learn more about managing Notes User accounts, including mail and Id file creation, then check out the How-To section for the document on Integrating Domino/Notes with TDI.

The first video below is also on YouTube wink

The Demo

How To Create This Solution

Exercise 10 Using the Notes Connector

See #14 and #15 below for more in integrating IBM Lotus Notes using TDI.

Exercise 11 Integrating TSRM using TDI

A demo of how to integrate Tivoli Service Request Manager, IBM's Service Desk & Catalog solution that is a cornerstone of integrated services management (ISM).

The Config used is here:

  • RedPill.xml Config used in video
  • RedPill.properties Related properties file. Once you are working with this Config in the TDI CE, remember to fix the path of the RedPill Property Store to point to this file.
  • RedPill_TSRM.properties A second properties file for TSRM-related settings. Must also be corrected to correspond to where you put the file (e.g. relative to your Solution Directory).

Exercise 12 REST-enabling Systems & Stores

The following Config is an example of how to rapidly service-enable any system, API or data store (including files) by wrapping them in a REST service using TDI.

Exercise 14 & 15 Rapid Notes Integration

Here are a couple of videos showing how to move data in and out of IBM Lotus Notes.

  • #14 Exporting Contacts from names.nsf to CSV and vCard formats:

  • #15 Importing Contacts into names.nsf from an XML file:

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