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Compliance Insight Manager (TSIEM) and W7 page

Below is an archive file (zip) with a TDI Config and example data files to show you how to integrate audit event data into TSIEM by exporting it to files in the W7 format, which TSIEM can then import. Central to this TDI project is the W7Connector that you will find in the Connectors library of the Config.

The linked archive package contains version 1.3 of this asset. Note that there is no need to upgrade if you already have version 1.2. However, this package includes sample data and a pre-made Test AssemblyLine for you to validate your setup.

To install, simply download the linked archive and unzip to your TDI Solution Directory (e.g. My Documents/TDI). Unzip with subdirectory creation enabled so that you get a sub-folder to your Solution Directory entitled "Configz". Under here you will find the W7_TSIEM assets.

The "Test" AssemblyLine reads in sample input data and passes it to the W7Connector which then creates TSIEM import files (W7 format) in a temporary folder, eventually moving these to the TSIEM Import directory as required.

You can configure the Test AL to read either from an included CSV file, or via the GLA - Generic Log Adapter - Connector from a sample logfile. Just drag the Iterator Connector that you want from the Connector library and onto the Inherit From box at the top right of the Feeds Iterator (topmost Connector) in the "Test" AL.

Furthermore, this solution is an example of a TDI Adapter. An Adapter is a Connector implemented via an AssemblyLine. So the W7Connector provided here is just an instance of the AssemblyLine Connector calling the AL named "W7Adapter". More on this subject can be found in this DeveloperWorks article by Dinesh T. Jain.

-- EddieHartman - 25 May 2010
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